Mark Brooks OBE

Communications, domestic abuse and equalities advisor

About Mark

Mark Brooks is a national communications, domestic abuse and equalities advisor with the latter focussed on the wellbeing of men and boys in the UK.

A son of white van man from South East London/Kent, he was the first in his family to ever go to university. He is now a national leader and voice in the field of men and boys’ wellbeing and the barriers they face. He holds these current roles:

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and has been the Director/Head of Communications at two large national charities – Shaw Trust and Education and Training Foundation.

He was awarded an OBE in 2019 for his charity work in supporting male victims of domestic abuse, the first in the UK ever to do so. He was recently interviewed for The Times Radio’s national leaders feature by Jon Pienaar.

In his roles, he regularly speaks in the media and at conferences and advises government departments, statutory agencies. academics and employers. He also applies his communications expertise and experience in advising organisation on how to run communication campaigns to support male help-seeking.

He has also stood for Parliament for the Conservative Party in 2001, 2005 and 2019.

Mark’s roles include:

Chair of the ManKind Initiative charity

The leading UK charity providing support to male victims of domestic abuse and championing the needs of men and their children who need to escape from abusive relationships. He created the national practitioners’ community network (MDAN),  led the development of National Service Standards for male victims in the UK and also advises Government, agencies, academics and employers in this subject area  (including the implementation of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021). He is currently a member of the CPS’ Domestic Abuse Best Practice Framework National Delivery Group,  a member of the Government’s (DLUHC)) expert panel on safe accommodation for domestic abuse victims and is regularly in the media speaking on this subject.

 Co-founder/Trustee of the Men and Boys Coalition charity

Launched in Parliament, the Coalition is a 100 strong charity consisting of third sector organisations, academics and professionals focussing on improving the wellbeing of men and boys in the UK – including boys’ education, men’s health, reducing suicide and tackling homelessness, sexual violence and domestic abuse.

National Lead Organiser and Ambassador for International Men’s Day (IMD) in the UK

National Organiser for IMD in the UK as a way of promoting issues affecting men and boys’ wellbeing, raising awareness of men and boys’ charities and to celebrate their contribution to their family and to society. Now marked by over 200 organisations in the UK every year, 195,000 tweets and endorsed by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Mark is also one of the six UK Ambassadors.

 Policy Advisor for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Issues Affecting Men and Boys

This APPG created in 2021  is aimed at raising awareness of the disadvantages and poor outcomes faced by men and boys in education, mental/physical health and law; to influence attitudes, role models, policy and legislation that will lead to positive differences to their well-being and lives.

Director of Communications at  Education and Training Foundation    and Head of Communications at Shaw Trust.

Previous professional roles include being responsible for the marketing and communications for these two large charities including the latter’s membership body. Other roles have included being Head of Public Relations at National Savings and Investments, winning a national CIPR Award for a hugely successful Premium Bonds campaign.

Recent key successes of Mark’s policy and campaigning work include:


Being a key player in the creation of the Crown Prosecution Service and Home Office Male Victim statements.


Key lead for  International Men’s Day in the UK to be the biggest celebration of this event in the world. This includes creating an employer guide


Persuading the Women and Equalities Select Committee to support the creation of a national men’s health strategy.


Persuading the Women and Equalities Select Committee to support the creation of a national men’s health strategy.


Creating the national practitioners’ community network (MDAN) and leading the development of National Service Standards for male victims in the UK.


Creating a guide for local councils to support their statutory duties on the Domestic Abuse Act. 


Concept creator of award-winning #violenceisviolence video and won a national CIPR award for his Premium Bonds campaign.


Campaigning for a strategy called “Ending Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys” as a parallel strategy to “Ending Violence Against Women and Girls”.


Lead author of the “A Boy Today”  and “The Case for a Men’s Health Strategy” reports for the All Party-Parliamentary Group on Issues Affecting Men and Boys.

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