Mark Brooks OBE

Senior Communications and Policy Adviser: Men's Health, Inclusion and Domestic Abuse

Consultancy on Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Mark Brooks has been working in the field of male victims of domestic abuse for over 15 years – and provides expert  support to public bodies, employers,  government, think tanks/policy makers and academics.  He is viewed a national leader in this field and was awarded an OBE in 2019, the only person in the UK to ever to be awarded an honour in this specific area.

He is currently available to support more projects in this field especially:

  • Giving presentations and talks about male victims of domestic abuse including to employers, public bodies and charities
  • Professional advice on communication campaigns for male victims of domestic abuse
  • Expert panel member on domestic homicide reviews involving male victims
  • Expert panel member on local domestic abuse partnership boards

 Due to his 25 year experience working professionally in senior communication and public policy positions in a wide range of sectors, he is also able to provide this unique perspective and support  to his overarching work in domestic abuse. 

His key credentials include:

  •  Awarded an OBE in 2019 for his support for male victims of domestic abuse
  • Qualified Domestic Abuse Services Manager (DASM)
  • Played an instrumental role in creating and building the domestic abuse sector for male victims
  • Regularly giving presentations to public bodies, government departments, health bodies, employers and charities on how to better support male victims
  • Supported the policy development of the Domestic Abuse 2021 including working with the CPS and Home Office on their Male Victims Statements
  • Lead media spokesperson for male victims of domestic abuse regularly featuring on TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers
  • Working with range of government departments and public bodies to ensure inclusivity and insight with respect to male victims
  • Created the concept and commissioned the award-winning #violenceisviolence domestic abuse video alongside creating the concept for other videos such as 20 Stories (University of Cumbria)
  •  Expert panel member of a number of domestic homicide reviews featuring male victims
  • Expert panel member of minister-led DLUHC Reference Group on Safe Accommodation
  • Chairs the Greater Manchester Working Group on male victims and is board member of a number of local domestic abuse partnership boards 

Mark’s LinkedIn Profile can be found at: